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Name: Irineu – Brazil  none trying to get Apache2.2x + php4 working for days. my forehead is bout caved in from banging on keyboard. my solution for : (You don’t have permission to access /php/php.exe) error is to add this to http.conf <Directory "C:/php">   AllowOverride None   Options None   Order allow,deny   Allow […]


<Connector>标签下: acceptCount The maximum queue length for incoming connection requests when all possible request processing threads are in use. Any requests received when the queue is full will be refused. The default value is 10.     建议:Don’t set too high, this sets the number of pending requests awaiting processing.  In my opinion it is better […]


在catalina.bat中加上红色那行 set _EXECJAVA=%_RUNJAVA% set MAINCLASS=org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap set ACTION=start set SECURITY_POLICY_FILE= set DEBUG_OPTS= set JPDA= set JAVA_OPTS= -Xms512M -Xmx1024M ===JSP中查看当前的内存使用状况= Runtime lRuntime = Runtime.getRuntime(); out.println("*** BEGIN MEMORY STATISTICS ***"); out.println("Free  Memory: "+lRuntime.freeMemory()/1024/1024+"M"); out.println("Max   Memory: "+lRuntime.maxMemory()/1024/1024+"M"); out.println("Total Memory: "+lRuntime.totalMemory()/1024/1024+"M"); out.println("Available Processors : "+lRuntime.availableProcessors()+""); out.println("*** END MEMORY STATISTICS ***");