Computer Theory


1. Cache – 几个ns 2. Main Memory  – 10-100 ns 3. Secondary Storage(一般是磁盘) – HDD 3-10ms, SSD 0.1ms 4. Tertiary Storage(磁带,DVD) – 秒级或分钟级


内容编译自网络 Binary Search Tree 什么情况下会出现O(n) ? 如果树的根结点没选好,一棵树变成一个列表: 平衡二叉查找树 –  可以自动旋转 参考:


一个结点要向注册中心告知自己的IP,应该用本机多个IP中的哪个? 看这里,避免使用虚拟IP、多播IP和回环IP.

Http Chunked transfer encoding的作用

有利于 长连接下的流式转输 摘自 引用 Chunked encoding has the benefit that it is not necessary to generate the full content before writing the header, as it allows streaming of content as chunks and explicitly signaling the end of the content

对服务端推送(Server Push)比较好的解释

摘自: Service streaming (streaming) allows a server to send a message to a client when an event occurs, without an explicit request from the client. In real-world implementations, the client initiates a connection to the server through a request, and the response returns bits and pieces each time a server-side event occurs; the response …

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