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Not every kind of state needs to go to Redux

Only some kinds of state need to be in Redux, State that’s shared by multiple components on the same page State that’s read by multiple components State that’s written by one component and read by another State whose lifecycle is longer than its component. For example, “recordList” for a list page – If you go […]

Change the font family globally in Material-UI 3.x

Some say you should use the jsx-global-plugin like “@global body{fontFamily:’someFont’}” , but it doesn’t work in my project. The global CSS still has the lower CSS speciality than MUI components’ CSS because this global CSS is using a type selector. You should use a theme instead //create a theme const myTheme = createMuiTheme({ typography: { […]

Redux + Typescript: The type of the root state

You can get the type of the state from the root reducer // the reducer const appReducer = combineReducers({ global: globalStateReducer, example: exampleReducer }); type AppState = ReturnType<typeof appReducer> However the redux state can be cleared in some scenarios, so it should be undefinable //See for “undefined redux state” type RootState = AppState | […]