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Jetty’s start.jar forks a new JVM to run the app if logback module is enabled

Jetty is too smart. If there is any JVM option provided, Jetty will spawn a new JVM instance to do the real work, even if you don’t use “–exec” option in start.ini

And jetty’s logback module introduces a JVM option. See here

You will see:


So does it matter?

It matters a lot because all the JVM options you passed to start.jar will stay on the process of start.jar. They are not passed to the forked JVM process.

What’s the solution ?

Since you have to let it fork a new JVM because of logback, you can just put all the JVM options in start.ini. Like,


Miscellaneous tips while developing in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

File change monitoring doesn’t work, such as the auto-refresh of create-react-app

Use the following before your "npm start" or put it on env file:


And if you are using Intellij, you need to explicitly "ctrl + s" to save the changes on your code files

Integrate beyond compare with git diff

export TMPDIR='/mnt/c/Users/yourName/AppData/Local/Temp'
alias gitdiff='git difftool -y --no-symlinks &'
#In your ~/.gitconfig  , add the following

            tool = BCompare
[difftool "BCompare"]
            path = "/mnt/c/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/BCompare.exe"
            cmd = \"/mnt/c/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/BCompare.exe\" -expandall \"`echo $LOCAL | sed 's_/mnt/c_C:_'`\" \"`echo $REMOTE | sed 's_/mnt/c_C:_'`\"

To run it,

$ gitdiff

Install terminator

Click here