Miscellaneous tips while developing in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

File change monitoring doesn’t work, such as the auto-refresh of create-react-app

Use the following before your "npm start" or put it on env file:


And if you are using Intellij, you need to explicitly "ctrl + s" to save the changes on your code files

Integrate beyond compare with git diff

export TMPDIR='/mnt/c/Users/yourName/AppData/Local/Temp'
alias gitdiff='git difftool -y --no-symlinks &'
#In your ~/.gitconfig  , add the following

            tool = BCompare
[difftool "BCompare"]
            path = "/mnt/c/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/BCompare.exe"
            cmd = \"/mnt/c/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/BCompare.exe\" -expandall \"`echo $LOCAL | sed 's_/mnt/c_C:_'`\" \"`echo $REMOTE | sed 's_/mnt/c_C:_'`\"

To run it,

$ gitdiff

Install terminator

Click here

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