Collect an inner method’s arguments and returned values with Mockito in integration tests

Imagine you have these two classes:

    public static class Manager {

        private Worker Worker = new Worker();

        public void dailyWork() {
            System.out.println("Good morning");
            String msg = RandomStringUtils.randomAlphabetic(10);
            System.out.println("See you tomorrow");

        public void setWorker(Worker Worker) {
            this.Worker = Worker;

        public Worker getWorker() {
            return Worker;

    public static class Worker {

        public String echoTwice(String msg) {
            return msg + "-" + msg;

And you are integation testing the Manager class. How can you extract the arguments and returned values of Worker.echoTwice() ? You can create a subclass of Worker and inject an instance of it to Manager. However, this is not so "clean".

Another way of doing this is to leverage Mockito’s "Answer" feature

    public void test() {
        Manager manager = new Manager();

        Worker stubbedWorker = spy(manager.getWorker());
        final List<String> argumentBag = new ArrayList<String>();
        final List<String> returnedValueBag = new ArrayList<String>();

        doAnswer(invocation -> {
            argumentBag.add(invocation.getArgumentAt(0, String.class));
            String returnedValue = (String)invocation.callRealMethod();
            return returnedValue;



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