JAVA标准化的几个术语:JCP, JSR, RI, TCK


JCP — The
Java Community Process or
JCP, established in 1998, is a formalized process that allows interested parties to get involved in the definition of future versions and features of the Java platform.

JSR — The JCP involves the use of
Java Specification Requests (JSRs) – the formal documents that describe proposed specifications and technologies for adding to the Java platform. Formal public reviews of JSRs take place before a JSR becomes final and the JCP Executive Committee votes on it.

RI — A final JSR provides a
reference implementation that is a free implementation of the technology in source code form and a Technology Compatibility Kit to verify the API specification.

Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) is a suite of tests that at least nominally checks a particular alleged implementation of a Java Specification Request (JSR) for compliance.

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