javadoc tags (up to 1.4.2)



The Javadoc tool parses special tags when they are embedded within a Java doc comment. These doc tags enable you to autogenerate a complete, well-formatted API from your source code. The tags start with an "at" sign (@) and are case-sensitive — they must be typed with the uppercase and lowercase letters as shown. A tag must start at the beginning of a line (after any leading spaces and an optional asterisk) or it is treated as normal text. By convention, tags with the same name are grouped together. For example, put all @see tags together.  

Tags come in two types:

Block tags – Can be placed only in the tag section that follows the main description. Block tags are of the form: @tag.

Inline tags – Can be placed anywhere in the main description or in the comments for block tags. Inline tags are denoted by curly braces: {@tag}.

For information about tags we might introduce in future releases, see Proposed Tags.

The current tags are:

Tag Introduced in JDK/SDK

@author  1.0

{@docRoot}  1.3

@deprecated  1.0

@exception  1.0

{@inheritDoc}  1.4

{@link}  1.2

{@linkplain}  1.4

@param  1.0

@return  1.0

@see 1.0

@serial  1.2

@serialData  1.2

@serialField  1.2

@since  1.1

@throws  1.2

{@value}  1.4

@version  1.0

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