Network Security Essentials — Notes1. Introduction

‘Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards’, by Dr. William Stallings

There is a systematic way of defining security requirements —
X.800 Security Architecture for OSI

1. The architecture defines,

  a. Attack

  b. Service  — detecting and preventing Attacks

  c. Mechanism — implements Service

2. Attack

   a.Passive Attack

      i. Release of message contents

     ii. Traffic Analysis

It’s almost impossible to detect. Normally we just prevent it, by encryption.


   b.Active Attack




     iv.Denial of Service

As for this kind of task, we emphasize on "detection and recovery"

3. Service

    a. Authentication

    b. Access Control

    c. Data Confidentiality

    d. Nonrepudiation

    e. Availability Service

4. We’ll cover Mechanisms in the subsequent articles.

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