Notes on ‘Expert Oracle’ — No.5.1: Oracle Processes — Server Processes

Server Process

  a.Dedicated Server: one TCP/IP connection, one server process

  b.Shared Server: Serveral tcp/ip connections => one dispatcher => A pool of processes

2.Connection V.S. Session

  In terms of Domain Logic, the two are not ‘associated’ with each other, they only ‘depend’ each other.

   a. A
connection is
physical network connection, TCP/IP etc.

   b. A
session is a
logic connection.  

A connection can be reused by many sessions, and a session can also span several connections.(Think about Http Session)


Question1: Is the JDBC connection an Oralce Connection, or an Oracle Session ?

Question2: What’s their timeout strategies like for connections and sessions? 

3.Dedicated VS Shared

OLTP -> Dedicated

OLAP -> Shared. Don’t use a J2EE connection pool with this, otherwise there will be two pools, one in J2EE server, the other in DB.


An oracle process can be a real OS process, or an OS thread. It depends on what kind of OS you are using.

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