Notes on XP — No.2: The basic problem is ‘Risk’

How does XP deal with the problem of Risk in software development?

No deadline fails

          <= Only highest functionalities are implemented            

          <= It’s easy to finish small problems and small tasks in a short cycle of releases and iterations,

Project will not be canceled. <= Smallest release that makes the most biz sense will be implemented at first.

The system will not go sour <= A quality baseline supported by a suite of tests will make sure everything is fine at any moment.

Bug Free  <= System Test +  Unit Test

No Requirements misunderstanding <= Customer will be involved throughout the full cycle

Requirement Changes will not be horrible <= The change is limited in short release cycle so it cannot be huge.

Less talent drain and less impact of talent drain

         <= They are not frustrated by impossible tasks because they are responsible for the estimation of their own efforts.

         <= The work will be fun because they will less lonely

         <= New team members are gradually taking more and more responsibility so that it will not be a disaster if old members leave.


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