Portlet V.S. Servlet

Portlets are similar to servlets, in that:

   1. Portlets are managed by a specialized container.

   2. Portlets generate dynamic content.

   3. A portlet’s life cycle is managed by the container.

   4. Portlets interact with web client via a request/response paradigm.

Portlets are different from servlets,
in that:

Portlets only generate markup fragments, not complete documents.

Portlets are not directly URL addressable. You cant send somebody URL of a portlet. You can send him the URL of the page containing a portlet.

Portlets cannot generate arbitrary content, since the content generated by a portlet is going to be part of portal page. If a portal server is asking for html/text, then all portlets should generate text/html content. On the other hand, if the portal server is asking for WML, then each portlet should generate WML content.

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