Using a Lambda-based serverless solution is like having a dinner in multi, appointed restaurants

Using a EC2/ECS/BeanStalk – based solution is like having a dinner in a single restaurant.

You eat the appetiser, the main dish and then leave = You build your web app and deploy it in a friendly container.

But if you use a lambda-based solution,

DiningCloud behaviour
Appetiser in a restaurant APut AWS Gateway in front of Lambda
Main dish in restaurant BBuild Lambda
I want to go to restaurant C to have middle-east style appetiserNo. You can only choose rest gateway or websocket gateway, no server-side-event
I want takeaway to eat at homeYes, you can run Lambda with a mocking gateway locally
But if it’s websocket gateway, our mock is not ready yet.
I’m sick of this. I want to quit the dining planSorry, your websocket code is locked-in with our protocol.

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