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最近在做一个项目,要把一个流程重用。从SOA角度考虑,我们可以把这个流程构建为Service,即“流程化的SOA”(此术语来自《Enterprise SOA》)。 按我浅薄的阅历,这个Service应该是限于业务层及以下的组件。而在我这个项目中,Service的各调用者希望都能有类似的界面,但有细微的差别。

我现在的问题是,我们能否重用一套界面?即我们能否把UI Pages也包含到Service里面来? 因为我们不想重写这些界面代码,造成冗余.

Policy & PolicyHolder

Policy: The name generally used to mean the written contract of insurance.

Policyholder: One who owns an insurance policy. A mortgage often is issued a copy of an insurance policy or certificate of insurance at the request of the insured, but it is not a policyholder.

Broker v.s. Agent v.s. Producer

brokers are traditionally described as agents of the policyholder and
insurance agents as agents of insurers,
this separation is more a matter of emphasis than a watertight division. Both agents and brokers often perform services such as record keeping and modeling for insurers,provide advice to clients on selecting insurers, and assist with claims settlement.

insurance producer is also called an agent or insurance broker


health savings account (HSA), is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available to taxpayers in the United States who are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). The funds contributed to the account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit

Flexible spending accounts or arrangements (FSA) – Accounts offered and administered by employers that provide a way for employees to set aside, out of their paycheck, pretax dollars to pay for the employee’s share of insurance premiums or medical expenses not covered by the employer’s health plan.


Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): An HMO is a type of health plan that provides a network of doctors, other health care professionals, hospitals, laboratories and other related services. You usually have to select from providers within your HMO’s network or the care you receive won’t be covered by your health insurance. The HMO may provide most of the care in stand-alone facilities or in community-based facilities.   

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): A PPO is a type of health plan that also provides a network of doctors. However, the network is larger than an HMO, and you can go to any of the doctors, health care professionals and hospitals within that plan. You usually do not need a referral to go to a specialist. However, the costs can be more if a plan participant goes to a doctor or uses a service by a provider not within the plan. Usually, the premiums for a PPO are more expensive than the premiums for an HMO.


a Federal program which provides medical insurance for people over 65 and for
those who are permanently disabled
. Contact your local Social Security Office for a copy of the

current Medicare handbook.

Medicaid— (Called MediCal in California) is funded jointly by state and federal governments

but administered by each state.
Medicaid provides medical assistance to low-income families and
individual of all ages participating in cash-assistance programs
. Medicaid recipients usually do

not need private health insurance. Contact your local county Social Services Department for

eligibility requirements.