Not every kind of state needs to go to Redux

Only some kinds of state need to be in Redux, State that’s shared by multiple components on the same page State that’s read by multiple components State that’s written by one component and read by another State whose lifecycle is longer than its component. For example, “recordList” for a list page – If you go […]

Make sure chromedriver can run with Java selenium code, both in a real machine and in docker

Install chromedriver You want to make the following line of code run successfully. In windows, you need to download chrome driver from and put it in system’s path (An alternative is to set the executable file’s path as a system property “”, not beautiful) In *nix or linux-based Docker, you can Options needed for […]

Springfox for 204 response

What you need to, Return ResponseEntity<Void> Set the @ResponseStatus for your rest controller’s method If you don’t do that, you will get ResponseEntity as the response class in your swagger json, and you will get both 200 and 204 as your successful response code, which is not correct because your method only returns 204, no […]